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See Your Rights is a community organization and risk management firm working with many legal institutions & organizations to give individuals, businesses & employees access to protecting their constitutional rights from being violated and identity theft protection.

The problem in our society is the legal industry has never been disrupted. It's the BIGGEST industry in the world. Just in the United States, the legal industry is worth $437 billion dollars. If you don't make $200-$500 dollars an hour, how are you expected to pay that much an hour for an attorney?


The question is, would you call an attorney for any of these reasons:

$250 dispute on a cell phone bill?

Would you call an attorney for a simple dispute with a landlord?

How about an issue with your child's school or teachers?

Maybe an issue with child custody?

Your mechanic took advantage of you?

An insurance company denied your claim?

Somebody owes you money?

A warranty that wasn't honored on a product or service?

Contractor didn't finish their work or incorrect repairs?

You probably answered no considering an attorney would typically charge $200 an hour. That's where we can help, giving you access to law firms in all 50 states of the United States. For about $1 dollar a day, you can have access to an entire law firm for everyday "Life Events" that may happen. 

Whether you're a:

blue collar worker

business owner

corporation with over 50+ employees


commercial truck driver

or just an average everyday person, we have affordable options to give you equal access to the justice system.

The key to protecting yourself, your family, your business or your employees is getting ahead of a life event before it becomes a legal matter. That's the major key factor, just knowing you can call a law firm as many times as you need to, even as a situation develops may save you thousands of dollars, time & severe damage to your credit, reputation or public records.

It's peace of mind knowing before you sign any document, you can have a law firm review it for you. Just like being a Hollywood movie star, they have attorney's on retainer at $10,000-$15,000 a month and never sign anything without having their lawyer review it. The legal insurance program we work with now gives you that same benefit, whether it's a lease agreement, employment contract, business agreement, insurance claim, changing an insurance policy, etc basically any document you are required to sign, you can now have a law firm review it and not spend hundreds of dollars per hour.

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